tech@ider's mission is to help our clients to adopt the latest advances in technology into everyday's life.

Our approach

We give you advice and information—in plain English, not technical jargon—to help you decide what you need. And we can work closely with architects, consultants and interior designers to deliver what’s right for your project. We invest time and effort to make sure we offer the very latest technologies. And while we only work with the highest quality suppliers, we’re totally independent. We’re not tied on any one technology provider. So we can give you objective advice based on our first-class technical expertise. Installation attention to detail. Every installation is as important to us as it is to our clients. We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships and meticulous attention to detail.

Our process

From start to finish, we work with you in mind. We have a tried-and-tested process to see your project through to a successful completion:

1. Understanding your needs

We’ll visit you at your property to discuss what’s needed for each room, and for each individual living there. We’ll also ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help us get to the heart of your requirements and find the best solution for you.

2. First proposal

We’ll take time to discuss the different options with you, and establish which systems offer the best fit for your requirements. We’ll then put together an initial proposal with outline costs.

3. Design and specification

Having agreed the solution and budget, we’ll work with you to create a final proposal with detailed costs. Our design team will then produce a functional specification for your approval.

4. Installation

tech@ider's project manager will be assigned to oversee your installation. We’ll carry out as much of the work as possible offsite to minimize disruption—for example, building your technology rack, and programming and testing your units.


We’ll work with you to determine your preferred level of tech@ider's SMART support cover. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your technology—with the reassurance that our excellent after-sales care is on hand.

About Techaider

When it comes to the Kochi region,one company name that always crops up is tech@ider, one of the region's formost service providers for the IT & SMART Solutions. It is led by tech@ider, whose years of experiance enable him to understand every facet of the IT SMART business and its operations.